4 amazing health benefits of Aloe Vera Juice


4 reasons why you should reach for a glass of Aloe Vera juice everyday.

The ancient Egyptians revered it as the ‘immortality’ plant, the cosmetic industry is making millions out of it today, Aloe Vera and its uses have stood the test of time. This cacti like plant with its sticky flesh has medicinal and healing properties that will surely give allopathy a run for its money! Here are four health benefits of Aloe Vera juice.

aloe vera

1. Treatment for rheumatoid arthritis – This is a chronic condition wherein the immune system of the body attacks the body’s tissues and this causes inflammation of the lining of the joints. Inflammation, stiffness and extreme pain are some of the diseases’ woeful symptoms. Aloe Vera contains anti-inflammatory compounds like plan sterols that help in reducing the pain and stiffness. Aloe juice is thus a natural alternative to all the chemical drugs that flood the market as rheumatiod arthritis cures.

2. Helps menstrual pain – Aloe Vera is known to be an excellent stimulant for the uterus, spasmodic menstrual cramps are the cause of pain and distress for most women and girls. A regular intake of aloe juice while menstruating can be very helpful in relieving pain.

3. Hinder oxidative stress – Aloe juice is filled with copious amounts of  vitamins like B12, B1, B2, B6, A, E and C, niacin and folic acid, all these are crucial to the balanced functioning of a human body. Thus, with a regular intake of aloe juice, the body’s defense/immune system is kept healthy and on guard.

4. Digestive benefits – Aloe Vera helps in curing a sick bowel, not only does it have anti- inflammatory properties, but also helps in the growth of healthy bacteria in the GI (gastrointestinal tract).

How to make Aloe Vera juice:

Step 1 – Cut open stems of the aloe plant from the middle section (tip – the outermost stems of the aloe plant are the best to use as they have a higher concentration of anti-oxidants in them).

Step 2 – Ooze the liquid fresh aloe gel out of the stems.

Step 3 – After having squeezed all the gel from the stem, store it in a container.

Step 4 – Empty the container of gel into a blender and add one cup of water.

Step 5 – The blended water and aloe extract will form a thick Aloe Vera juice.

Caution: Use the juice within 3-4 days or else, all the antioxidants in it will be lost.

Photo Credits : Beauty News