3 reasons you should gorge on chocolates


Here is why you should’t shy away from that bar of chocolate.

Its highly addictive, its delicious and you can’t stop eating it! Yes, that’s chocolate! Favored by the ancient aztecs and cultivated three millennia ago in Mexico and Central America, over the years, chocolate has become the most widely known delight across the globe.


However, this brown sinful delight is a cause of concern for many, as unhealthy versions of chocolate bars come laden with copious amounts of calories, chocolate is always the butt of rejection for diet junkies. However, chocolate has numerous health benifits that are unknown of. Here are 3 reasons why you should stop looking at chocolate as only a fattening agent.

1. Stimulates brain and nervous system – Chocolate is packed with high amounts of Vitamin C and anti-oxidant flavonoids. These components are inturn parents to many other helpful contents such as polyphenols – catechins, epicatechins, and procyandins, which protect the brain and nervous system from dulling due to age. The brain is also protected from damage against free radicals. It is also packed with the Serotonin, which is an essential hormone for maintaining brain efficiency

2. Helps diabetes – Au contraire to popular belief, chocolate has benefits that can alleviate diabetes’ symptoms. However, its not the regular chocolate that holds this miraculous property, one has to tweak their taste palate to like dark chocolate which is bitter, but contains alkaloids like caffeine which neutralize the sugar in the blood. Also, because of its naturally stimulant nature, the secretion of bile and insulin is stimulated which in turn aid the breakdown of sugar in the blood.

3. Anti- depressant – Reaching for that bar of chocolate when you’re down might just be helpful, Cocoa contains mild amounts of caffeine which once again is an alkaloid, phenylethylamine and theobromine by nature. All these three components are stimulants which help in balancing hormones. 

Tear up the foil, and eat away into heavenly sin guilt free.

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