4 tips to move to a new home in an eco-friendly manner


    Make your moving and packing an eco-friendly process.

    Moving into a new home can be a herculean task; packing, boxing, driving to and fro not only takes a toll on your energy levels, but also messes up the environment’s health. Have you ever wondered where all that bubble wrap goes after you empty it in the trash? Well, it sits undigested in the belly of the earth, thus, here are 4 tips by which you can make your home moving into a eco-friendly activity.

    eco -friendly moving

    1. Reuse packing supplies – Cardboard packing cartons, bubble paper wrap, plastic bags don’t need to be thrown away after one use, you can store and reuse all these supplies for either your next move or simply storing other household items. 

    2. Use recyclable material – Instead of using cardboard cartons that have a higher tendency to break or tear, use durable wooden or plastic packing boxes that can be used over and over again for years. 

    3. Ditch the Bubble wrap and thermocol- Bubble wrap might be the best when it comes to packing your expensive china, but it is the worst when it comes to degrading in landfills. The plastic content in the bubble wrap takes years to degrade in the landfills, thereby, choking the environment. Instead, use towels and old newspapers to pack all your items. Using newspapers by itself is recycling and towels can also be reused after laundering.

    4. Donate or sell unwanted items – Instead of chucking away items that you don’t need while moving, store them and later set up a garage sale, in this way, not only do you earn an extra something, but also de-clutter your home without littering the environment. You can also consider donating unwanted household things to people who most need it, thereby setting off a chain of recycling.

    Go green!

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