3 healthy aphrodisiac foods


3 food items that are a combination of aphrodisiac and healthy.

Greek mythology’s eulogized  goddess Aphrodite – goddess of sexual love – lends her name to foods which are known to be mood elevators i.e Aphrodisiac foods. Did you know that foods which are known for possessing such capabilities are also high on health? Here are three aphrodisiac food items which might also be on the dietitian’s list of healthy foods.

Aphrodisiac-Healthy- Foods

1.Asparagus: This green spring vegetable has a lot of Vitamin E in it which is a major component in the production of sexual hormones. Asparagus also contains Vitamin B that helps pumping up levels of histamine in the body which is known to aid a better sex drive. As for Asparagus’ health benefits, it is a natural diuretic (a substance that helps in the production of urine) and is packed with anti-oxidant compounds which slow down the process of aging.

2.Oysters: These marine beings are packed with ample amounts of Vitamin B 12, Vitamin D, Zinc and Iron. Not only do all these ingredients help in maintaining good health, but zinc deficiency can also lead to decreased sexual capacity. Oysters also have a lot of the Dopamine hormone in them which lead to an increased sex drive.

3.Garlic: This pungent root might not help in having the best smelling breath, but they sure have some secret components that might help in many other ways! Garlic is packed with a compound known as allicin which has the capacity to pump up blood flow to sexual organs, thus, making your bedroom experience much more pleasurable. Garlic also has strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-yeast properties which make for excellent guards against infections.

So now, you can munch away guilt free!