4 medicinal uses of clove oil


Clove oil and its soothing medicinal properties.

This flavored condiment is typical to the exotic spice lands of Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka, however ever since the seventh and eight century, its use has now spread across the world.Clove oil

Apart from the countries where clove is indigenously used, its uses are generally limited to beauty products and cooking. However, if  you tap into the archives of traditional medicine, you’ll see that this humble spice has numerous other medicinal uses that will put modern day chemical products to shame. Here are 4 medicinal uses of clove oil that will surprise you.

1.Dental Care: Clove oil works as an effective germicidal agent, it contains a component known as eugenol which has been used in dental products for decades now. Using diluted clove oil is thus extremely effective in relieving dental pain, sore gums and tooth aches. Pain caused by tooth cavities can also relieved by applying a small quantity of clove oil on a ball of cotton, place the cotton over the affected tooth, the pain will soon decrease in intensity.

2.Headache: Clove Oil has copious amounts of flavonoids in it, these are basically anti- inflammatory agents. Thus, headaches which are more than often caused by inflammation around the temple and neck can be relieved by the application of clove oil. Mix a portion of clove oil with salt and apply it to the forehead for a minimum of 30 minutes. This will give a cooling effect and eventually decrease the intensity of the headache.

3.Indigestion: Once again the eugenol component in clove oil helps with indigestion related problems such as hiccups, nausea and flatulence. Clove is used as a traditional ingredient in Indian and Chinese food since centuries, for this very same property.

4.Skin Care: Clove oil is often recommended for skin problems such as acne. Clove contains rejuvenating and stimulating agents that revive blood flow to unhealthy skin. Apply a portion of diluted clove oil on a clean dry piece of cloth and then leave the cloth on your face for a minimum of 15-20 minutes.

A word of caution when using clove oil, not only is it a very strong extract, but also can also be dangerous if consumed in excessive amounts. Thus, whenever you use clove oil, just make sure it is diluted with equal amounts of water.

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