5 medicinal uses of Rosemary


Here are the hidden benefits of Rosemary.

This exquisitely fragranced Mediterranean herb is usually associated with culinary delights, however, rosemary has a number of medicinal properties rolled up its tiny little fragrant buds. Here are 4 medicinal uses of the pungent flavored herb.


1. Maintain good vision: Rosemary has copious amounts of Vitamin A which is known to help with good eyesight. Vitamin A is also essential for maintaining healthy mucus membranes and skin. According to a recent study, Rosemary also contains carnosic acid which can immensely help in promoting eye health. A few leaves of Rosemary in your daily diet will help with the same.

2. Respiratory problems: Inhaling the aroma of boiled rosemary water can greatly help in clearing the respiratory tract. The fumes emanating from rosemary based oils and liquids is helpful in clearing the lungs and is also known to help with sinus problems.

3. Natural anti-inflammatory: Rosemary contains natural anti-inflammatory components, they are called carnosol and carnosic acid. Studies have suggested that these help in curbing the growth of nitric oxide which is a major contributing factor to the inflammatory process.

4. Hair health: Rosemary is a highly fragrant herb which also has the ability to control oil production on the scalp and can thus help prevent dandruff. For the best effect mix a portion of rosemary oil with 3 portions of warm coconut oil and massage your scalp with it, rinse after done.

A little bit of trivia about the herb’s nomenclature, mythology suggests that Virgin Mary spread her blue cloak over a white blossomed bush when she was at rest and the flowers turned blue. The shrub thus got its name as – ‘The Rose of Mary’.

Photo Credits: Secretly Healthy