5 unusual uses of Mayonnaise


Mayonnaise is a lot more than just a sandwich spread.

We all know that a generous slather of mayonnaise – however high on calorie count – can turn around the most drab sandwich into an edible delight, however what we haven’t heard about is mayonnaise’s surprisingly unusual uses. Here are a few tricks that the humble mayonnaise has hidden up its jar!


1.Remove chewing gum from hair – We’ve all had that dreadful day when a blob of gum was stuck in our hair, but no one ever thought using mayo to remove it. Usual solutions to gum getting stuck in hair are quite horrendous, worst of all is to chop off your beautiful locks. However, you can rub a little mayo around the gummy patch and gently slide it down the strands of your hair. The natural emulsifiers in the mayo help to loosen the gum’s grip. Voila! gum free hair!

2.Strengthen your nails – Nails have the tendency to get brittle, especially if you are a regular nail paint applier. Give your nails some mayo nourishment, dip your fingers in a bowl of mayo for a few minutes before applying nail polish and then wash it off. This will smoothen and strengthen your brittle cuticles.

3.Get smooth and shiny hair – Instead of slathering your hair in chemical conditioners, use mayonnaise. Apply mayo to your hair and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. The egg yolk content in mayonnaise is nourishing for the hair. Also, mayonnaise contains lecithin which is beneficial for hair growth and the vinegar helps exfoliate your scalp. Last but not the least, the oil content in mayo acts as a perfect conditioner for your ragged strands.

4.Moisturize your skin – Mayonnaise has copious amounts of oil and vinegar in it, applying mayo to your skin will prevent it from flaking and will give your skin a smooth and supple texture.

5.Kill hair lice – Children are the most susceptible to getting lice in their hair and more than often, it is the parents who are  driven up the wall trying to get rid of the parasites leeching onto their child’s scalp. Usually, dermatologists recommend special chemical lice shampoos, however a lot of doctors are now suggesting mayo has a treatment. The oil content in the mayo will help suffocate the lice and will kill them eventually. Massage the scalp with dollops of mayo and then wash it off with a mild shampoo, the next morning run a lice comb through the hair and Viola! you will find an army of dead lice coming out. However, this treatment is not full proof, as many say that it does not help to eradicate the eggs of the lice from the scalp.

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