3 Ways to save money during holidays


UpdatedTrends.com: The holidays are practically here and even though having some quality time with family and friends is everyone’s goal, most of us are probably concerned how will additional expenses affect our finances. We all deserve to unwind and have fun with our loved ones, so here are 3 ways to do so and save money during the upcoming festivities.

Beautiful woman shopping online for Christmas.

1. Bring the party to you – Skip the holiday parties and stay at home in order to save money, though this does not mean you should spend the entire time on your couch in front of the TV with leftovers. Invite friends and family, have everyone bring some food or drink and organize a game night or a karaoke night.

2. Give the gift of you – Do things a bit differently during this holiday season. Instead of spending too much time and money on something your family members do not really need or want, give them a coupon good for your skills and time. Maybe your brother and his wife need babysitting services, if you play an instrument, offer free lessons to some of your friends or if you are an accountant, offer to do your parent’s taxes throughout the year. You will get the chance to be creative and help out your loved ones at the same time, without spending a dime!

3. Time yourself – You will most likely spend more the longer you stay at a store, it is as simple as that. Set a time limit before going shopping and purchase only what is on your list.

Photo Credits: TotallyMoney