3 Ways to prevent weight gain during fall


UpdatedTrends.com: When the cooler season comes, our fitness routine can be affected by the change in daylight and weather. Even though it would be nicer to stay at home with a cup of hot chocolate, make sure to find the time – and motivation – to hit the gym. Here are 3 ways to prevent weight gain during fall.

Ways to prevent weight gain during fall

1. Make time to move – The lazy summer days are long gone and the fall usually brings us busy schedules, return to work, grocery shopping, errands, the holidays and much more. With this in mind, it is easy to give less priority to regular workouts, however, make sure to find time for everything on your to-do list. Every Sunday, mark the next week’s workouts in your calendar and stop making excuses.

2. Be inspired by colder weather – Put away the summer clothes and bring out the long sleeves, yoga pants and sweats. If you are not happy with your fall gear, get new one, as this can additionally motivate you to commit to regular exercise during colder temperatures. Give it a try and you might actually prefer working out in the fall than during warmer weather.

3. Bake for your friends – If you like to bake, take advantage of fall foods and prepare treats for your friends and family. The point is to enjoy a little for yourself and offer the rest to people you love. Everyone likes pumpkin cheesecake, apple pie or oatmeal cookies, so make sure to invite some friends over and enjoy delicious sweets with them.

Photo Credits: WomensHealthMag