5 Fun and easy nail art trends for Summer 2013


Summer is the perfect time to play with bright colors. Whether you incorporate them into your wardrobe, make-up routine or nail art (or all of the above), make sure to have fun and do not be afraid to experiment! Here are five fun and easy nail art trends for this summer.


1. Bright and electric tips – try out a fun and summery take on classic French manicure. Paint your nails in any sheer nude shade and once they are completely dry, paint the tips in any electrifying, bright color of your choice. Our suggestion: bright orange.

2. Eye-catching triangles – do not worry, it is not as complicated as it sounds. Take scotch tape, cut it into triangle pieces and paint them any bright color you want. Once they are dry, paint your nails in a color that is entirely contrasting, but still complements the first color well. Our suggestion: orange and mint green. After 5 minutes, apply triangle tape at the tips and press down firmly.

3. Neon stripes – this is one of the easiest nail designs. Make sure to draw thicker lines, as they are much easier to paint. Similar to the previous pattern, choose contrasting, but vibrant colors. Our suggestion: hot pink and bright yellow.

4. Pastel-colored rainbow – one of the most popular nail trends this year, so make sure to try your own take on it. Simply choose five different pastel colors, one for each nail and you will definitely attract the right kind of attention.

5. Half moons – the opposite of French manicure, as you are creating a half moon, just above your cuticles. Paint your nails in a bright color, such as bright pink and paint a crescent shape just above your cuticles in soft gray.