Xabi Alonso In Serious Pain After Tackle Clash with DeJong in the Finals


Spanish mid-fielder, Xabi Alonso, who had been kung-fu kicked by Dutch player Nigel DeJong, has been reported by him that it was the worst tackle that he had seen in his career. DeJong, at the finals on Sunday, did a controvertial tackle on Alonso, by litrally planting his shoe into his chest, which has now made the Spanish come in need of urgent treatment.


Even after the final whistle was blown, the Spanish mid-fielder was in dire pain, even during the after match celebrations. It made him think that he had broken one of his ribs.

Alonso, 28, stated that he had never been tackled this way, and this was the worst tackle in his career. DeJong on the other hand has accepted that it was his fault, and the temparment of the game too, and he was lucky enough that the English refree did’nt send him back, with a red card. But on the other hand the 25 year Dutch, recieved a yellow card for this tackle, which was just one of the yellow cards that were flashing now and then against the Dutch in the finals on a regular basis.

The game was in its full flow and the Spanish star was shocked to experience a tackle of such a kind from the opposition team, but it was a tight game after all. The only point that is worrying Alonso, is that he might have broken a rib in this tackle, which does not sound good for his aspiring career.