Expelled Russian Spies From Moscow Stay Undercover At A Hotel In The UK


Updated Trends: Expelled Russian Spies From Moscow Stay Undercover At A Hotel In The UK

After the spy swap successfully took place, it has been reported that two of the four spies who were expelled from Russia are put up, and staying under cover at a hotel in UK. Igor Sutyagin, one of the swapped spies from Russia, stated that one of his accomplices had called up his wife, who was staying in a small town, at the edge of London, but didnt tell exactly where he was. The four spies were swapped for 10 Russian spies who were caught in the US.


On the other hand UK, has been deciding to whether deprive Anna Chapman, from her UK passport. She was allegedly included in the Russian spy ring. Her lawyer stated that she was willing to come to the UK, as she has a valid UK passport from her previous marriage. On the other hand, Sutyagin had called up his wife in Russia, telling her that he was safe and was put up in a small town, just outside London. It seems, that Sutyagin was provided with a traceble calling card.

According to Sutyagin’s family, they hope that he is provided with a valid visa to stay in the UK. It was Sutyagin who had provided information about a Russian submarine and defence system to a UK based firm, who was acting as a front for the CIA. Sutyagin has spent 11 years of 15 years sentence in Russia. The spy swap had taken place successfully in Vienna.