5 Fashion ideas for the summer of 2013


Summer has well and truly arrived in the Northern hemisphere and many people are looking forward to what’s trending this year. While the winter wear gets packed in, its time to look at what could be the talk of the town this summer.

Summer 2013 fashion stripes

Here are 5 fashion ideas for the summer of 2013.

1. Palazzo Pants – The word on the street is that Palazzo Pants are in this summer. You will need to pick out the best one for your body type, as the large flare at the bottom of these pants needs to be carried off in style.

2. Monochrome outfits – Black and White is back in fashion this year, as designers around the world look to one of the most tried and tested color combinations. You wouldn’t go wrong in Monochrome this year.

3. Camouflage – This is another trend that is catching on this summer. Get ready to pull out those military greens and go camouflage.

4. Stripes – Stripes are in for 2013. You could be wearing nautical blue and white or multicolored stripes, but no matter what shape and size you chose, this summer stripes are sure to put you on the fashion map.

5. Baseball Jackets – These jackets are in this year, you could chose a variety of blues and purples and it would look great this summer.