5 Musical talents to watch out for in 2013


We are well into 2013 now and a host of artists have released their brand of music. Some are seasoned pros, while others are newcomers to the industry. If you like to explore new genres of music and are always on the lookout for a new artist to listen to, read on.


Here are 5 artists to look out for in 2013.

1.  Bad Rabbits – This Boston-based band has effortlessly merged genres and sensibilities in the past. A case in point is their EP named ‘Stick Up Kids’, where they merged pop, punk, soul and everything in between. Their new single ‘We Can Roll’ takes things a step further.

2. Frank Ocean – Already something of a big name, Frank Ocean is set to take over 2013 as one of the coolest new artists around.

3. Dangerkids – This band is barely a year old and has gathered a lot of momentum online. They have worked on marketing themselves as a quality product from the start and this effort pays off, as they are one of the most interesting ‘nu-metal’-based bands to release material of late.

4. Rita Ora – Rita has been making news in more ways than one, while her personal life makes headlines, her music is picking up as well.

5. Squid the Whale – This alternative band is poised to make the music world sit up and listen in 2013. They fuse guitar driven parts and drum sections effortlessly, with great vocals sitting on top of a sound that is fresh and vibrant.