Top 5 games for iPhone users


The US based company Apple certainly is the best in terms of the popularity of its iPhone. But when it comes to own an iPhone, there are certain must-haves on the phone which a user must not miss. Here are the top five must have games for iPhone users.

1. Doodle Jump – This is a perfect game for those who are looking forward for a quick change from the monotonous jobs. It is a game which sends the gamer higher and higher through a never ending series of platforms.

2. Angry Birds – When the iPhone is mentioned, then Angry Birds is definitely a must have for an iPhone user. This is an addictive game which allows the gamer to various types of birds along with the increasing complex structures built by the pigs. The aim is to free the animals from cages, boxes, stands etc.

3. Bejewelled Blitz – The game is best for those who enjoy mind games. The gamer has to clear as many gems as possible in 60 seconds. The game offers 150 levels.

4. Rage HD – For the action-lover gamers, Rage HD is a must have on an iPhone. The gamer is placed behind the trigger with mutants trying to knock you down in every corner.

5. Scrabble – Off course the classic scrabble, the word game which can keep the gamer engaged for hours either with friends online or with challenger.