5 ways to get rid of flaky scalp


Updated Trends.com: You got gorgeous hair but it seems that snow flakes are perpetually falling from your head? You are just one of a growing number of people who suffer from a flaky scalp. Never heard of it? Flaking scalp is caused due to dry weather conditions or even due to infection on the scalp. Sometimes the condition becomes so severe that the white flakes become visible on the hair and sometimes even on the shoulder and it gets the common term – dandruff. Here are a few tips that can help in healing the condition.


1. Avoid stress – Flaky scalp can also be caused due to stress. One can engage themselves in to activities like exercise or meditation which will help in relieving stress. Prayer and spending quiet time is a great way to keep yourself calm.

2. Usage of good shampoo – It is essential to select a shampoo that suits your hair and scalp. If you are using a shampoo for years, then there are possibilities that your scalp and hair might get saturated of that product, after which you may need to change your shampoo. Use a shampoo according to your hair type and don’t shampoo for too long, else your scalp could get stripped of its moisture due to the overuse of chemicals.

3. Proper diet – One must drink plenty of water and also maintain a proper balanced diet which includes healthy food like greens and broccoli. This will not only help your hair and scalp but will also help in keeping your skin healthy and glowing.

4. Sun shine – Try spending some time in the sun as it is the most natural source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is known to help cure dry and flaky scalp, but ensure that this is early morning sun and not hot afternoon sun or you may end up damaging your hair more.

5. Hair Oil and Conditioner – Make sure that you oil your hair with coconut or almond oil every week so that your scalp gets sufficient conditioning. Use hair conditioners to keep your hair tangle-free, but make sure that you do not rub the conditioner cream on your scalp as it could make it all the more dry.