Bad behaviour in children might be a mental problem?

2322 When people see naughty children, it is normally predicted that it is all the result of bad parenting. But a new study has mentioned that in many cases children who behave in a naughty way might be an example of a mental health problem.

The researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in America claim that the trick to stop bad behaviour is to first diagnose mental disorders as early as possible. After the diagnosis, it has to be intervened by proper treatment.

At present this has been done through a series of questionnaires but it is hoped that in future that cognitive and genetic tests will also be available, which will allow parents to receive a diagnosis much earlier. The director of the NIMH , Dr. Thomas R Insel said that it is also essential for people to understand that mental illness are a development brain disorder, despite the fact that they actually appear to be as behavioural problems in many children.

Insel added that there needs to be a full integration of behaviour and medical concerns to ensure that they are able to care for the whole person and not just one system.