5 ways to increase strength of body


UpdatedTrends.com: It is not essential that one needs heavy machines or weights to maintain one’s stamina or health. They can increase the strength of the body in a rapid pace, but there are also other exercises which can help in building strong muscles. Here are a few exercises which will help the body to increase the cardiovascular health without using weights and machines.

1. Push ups – It is a traditional exercise and helps in working out multiple areas of the body. It is similar to sit ups and helps in strengthening the arms, chest, back and core.

2. Martial arts – Martial arts is another traditional exercise which also helps in defence. Apart from an art form, it also helps in making the body strong. The kicks and punches tone the muscles.

3. Swimming – Swimming is considered as the best cardiovascular exercise for tired joints. This also lowers the impact of exercise and is ideal for senior people and is considered to be a great way to exercise for people who suffer from physical ailments.

4. Running – Yes, the simple activity of running can also help you workout. It not only makes the body strong but also help in the build up of stamina, tones your muscles and keeps you fit. Make sure you invest in a suitable pair of running shoes.

5. Yoga – For yoga one might need professional help as the asanas (exercise postures) are complicated and needs attention. Yoga also helps in the refreshment of the mind.

Above all, make sure you eat a healthy diet comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables, white meat, beans and low-fat dairy products. Drinking several glasses of water, fruit and vegetable juices also help you flush the toxins out of the body.