Activities to be avoided during first trimester of pregnancy

1983 Pregnancy is the most delicate span in a woman’s life. A woman has to be very careful during the initial days of her pregnancy, which is also known as the first trimester. During this period there are certain activities which have to be avoided while keeping in mind the health of the baby/babies.

1. Painting activities – The fumes which arise from the paint are harmful and can cause neurological damage to a foetus. However a brief exposure to paint might not harm the foetus, but there is a risk that the harmful fumes might enter the blood stream.

2. Consumption of alcohol – Researchers have said that no amount of alcohol is safe for pregnancy. Alcohol can interfere in the health development of the foetus and can also result in development disorders. So if you are trying to get pregnant, make sure you abstain from alcohol completely.

3. Consumption of coffee – Moderate amount of coffee can be consumed during the later stages of pregnancy, but the drink which contains caffeine should be completely avoided during the first trimester as it can lead to a miscarriage.

4. Medicines – During the first trimester, one should avoid all the medications which are not required. In the initial stages, the foetus is vulnerable to all types of chemicals which can enter in to the mother’s blood stream.