Tricks to prepare restaurant-like food at home

1765 The food at restaurants always has that extra edge which makes people come back again and again. The chefs at the restaurants produce their food while making it attractive visually and also taste wise. But there are some tricks which can be used to make restaurant food at home and possibly give you that same feeling you get when you dine outside.

1. Partial cooking – In most restaurants, chefs parcook their food so that they can prepare complicated meals just minutes after the guest has placed the order. With such a technique, even difficult dishes can be plated  and still be served hot. In this way nothing has been overcooked and the vegetables are ready before time.

2. Preparation – Before you start cooking, make sure you have everything in place, right from appliances to all the required ingredients. Keep the recipe by your side and keep all the ingredients in the right measure. This allows chefs to cook in a systematic way and by the time you finish cooking, you do not end up with a kitchen that is upside down.

3. Presentation – Presentation is one of the crucial stages in cooking. A dish has to look appetizing as the food is first eaten by the eyes. A good presentation also includes the right temperature and of the food. Make sure you have all the required garnish stocked up with you, cleaned, cut and ready so that you don’t waste time dishing out your food.