Ways to treat sore throat during pregnancy


Pregnancy is the most delicate phase of a woman’s life. In such a condition there are several medications which should not be taken. A sire throat in pregnancy can be frustrating and painful for a mother who is expecting. Here are a few treatments which are available for a sore throat during pregnancy and are safe.

1. Find the cause – Get to the actual cause of the sore throat. A sore throat is normally caused due to drainage down the back of the throat. The congestion can be relieved by using steam in the bathroom or by placing a warm, wet wash cloth over the nose. Some of the over the counter cold medicines are also safe to be taken during pregnancy.

2. Natural treatment – This is the safest treatment during pregnancy. Tray gargling with saltwater which will soothe a sore throat. Or lukewarm water mixed with honey and lemon can also help. A spoonful of honey offers temporary relief. Even Orange juice provides with plenty of vitamin C and helps to get over the sore throat condition faster.

3. Safe medication – Of the above treatments also do not work then there are certain medicines which are safe to take during pregnancy. The American Pregnancy Association has created a list of medication ingredients which are safe for expecting mothers.