Top five ways to deal with pollution on an individual basis

1998 Pollution is an environmental problem which affects the health of everyone. One does not have to be an activist or a gigantic corporation to deal with pollution, you can fight the problem on an individual basis by taking just a few simple steps.

1. Usage of organic pesticides – For your plants in the garden, use organic pesticides in the lawn and garden. This reduces the flow of chemicals in to the drain from the lawn. The chemicals usually reach the waters which affect the fishes and wildlife.

2. Recycle – As far as possible try to recycle waste cans, plastic paper and glass by taking them to a local recycling centre instead of just throwing it.

3. Save gasoline – Try using a bicycle or just take a walk to go to the local grocery instead of taking a vehicle. This will help saving gasoline.

4. Cigarette buds – Do not dispose the cigarette buds in the gutters or on sidewalks and dispose them in the litter outside the house or trash cans.

5. Usage of water-based paints – Instead of oil based paints, try using water based paints which are non-toxic . The oil based paints are hard to dispose off.