Ways to avoid or treat skin boils


A skin boil is always painful and it is actually a puss filled bump on the skin which is caused due to a bacterial infection. There are several causes for boils on skin which can range from stress, allergies, poor immune system or thyroid gland. Even poor hygiene can also be one of the reasons. Here are a few ways by which one can avoid or treat boils on the skin.

1. Maintain hygiene – It is important to maintain good hygiene of the body by having a regular bath and washing hands after outdoor activities. If proper hygiene is maintained then the skin boils can be easily avoided.

2. Treatment – Wash the area with an anti-bacterial soap and then soak it with hot wash cloth. Repeat the procedure two to three times a day to reduce the pain and it also brinsg the pus on the surface.

3. Treatment step 2 – After the boil has started to drain, try to keep it clean and try not to touch it with hands. Continue washing the area h anti bacterial soap d apply medicated ointment and bandage if required.

4. Maintain good diet – It is essential to have a well balanced diet. Avoid too much of oily or junk food. Drink plenty of water.