Automated ‘Friend Request’ Facebook feature angers users


Updated Trends: Social networking site Facebook has recently introduced a new feature in which automatic friend requests are sent to people’s profiles. But its has been found that the new features has not gone down very well with millions of users across the glone.


Earlier, the users used to stay on the site for a long time, but due to the new features introduced in the site, it has been causing a lot of trouble for the users. Facebook has made certain changes in the site in order to maintain its position in the growing competitive market of social networking sites.

Facebook is constantly adding new features to the site to make it more attractive. With the new feature introduced, a friend request is automatically sent to people due to which the users are not so happy. Why? Friend requests are also sent to people whom the users want to avoid.

Due to this new feature, people are now speaking up on internet forums and are conveying that this is an absolute invasion of personal choices and that that feature should be removed. Many of the users have opined that the feature is a breach of personal choices and should be stopped. The users have opined that such an option should be removed as soon as possible.