5 ways to avoid germs in public places


    Updated Trends: Public places are the most vulnerable place for the breeding of germs. The gas pumps, escalator railings, grocery carts are usually the places where one can find germs, bacterial and viruses. However, there are certain species on the human body which perform some of the essential tasks like eating dead cells, etc. Here are a few ways to avoid germs in public places.


    1. Usage of paper towel or toilet paper – While handling public bathroom doors, use a piece of clean toilet paper. Also use toilet paper to flush public toilets instead of using hands. After a public event where you met many people, wash your hands.

    2. Teach public hygiene techniques to kids – At home, teach your children some of the hygiene techniques to be followed in public places. Make sure that you follow the habit at home so that it becomes a daily practice.

    3. Keep hands away from mouth – When you are returning from a public place, keep your hands away from the face. As soon as your reach home wash your hands with soap and water.

    4. Keep hand sanitizers handy – Make it a habit to carry a hand sanitizer in your purse or bag. Before touching anything make sure that you use sanitizers.

    5. Carry clean tissues – Make sure that you carry a pack of clean tissue wipes wherever you go so that you can always wipe your face and hands at all times.