Mobile phones Do Not increased threat of brain cancer, says study


    Updated Trends: A recent large study by Danish scientists has revealed that mobile phones do not increase the risk of brain cancer. This was one of the largest studies in which people who had used mobile phones were compared with those who did not use mobile phones.


    It was found that there wasn’t any major difference in the cancer rates in people, who used mobile phones than the ones who did not. This is the second major study of the year 2011 which had studies any changes in the rates of the disease even after 70 million mobile phones are being used in UK.

    According to the Danish study, more than 358,000 mobile users over 18 years were investigated. This is said to be the longest follow up so far. On the other hand, some of the campaigners have insisted that the research was misleading people and was also flawed.

    The research was conducted by the Cancer Epidemiology in Copenhagen, which had found that the rates of the cancer in the central nervous system were more or less the same in the mobile users as well as the non-mobile users. Hence it was found that the mobile phones do not cause any threat to the central nervous system.

    Health providers continue to insist that mobile phone usage should be limited to 20 minutes a day and that users should avoid talking when the battery is low.