Probiotic yoghurt helpful in cutting carbohydrates in body


Updated Trends: Probiotic yoghurt can be helpful in cutting carbohydrates in the body. A recent study has found that even if you have finished a huge tempting pizza, then probiotic yoghurt can help in breaking down the carbs in the body.


Scientists from the Washington University School of Medicine had observed the impact of live bacteria in popular yoghurts on digestion. Studies were conducted on mice and also identical female twins with the help of yoghurt that had five strains of live bacteria.

It was found by the researchers that if yoghurt was eaten twice a day for seven weeks, then it did not alter the mixture of microbes that were present in the intestines of the women or even the mice. The author of the study Dr. Jeffery Gordon had said that carbs are an important part of the diet and the way they are broken by the gut microbes is also important for the digestive health of the body.

Gordon added that there are certain microbes that are quite complex and they need to be digested by the enzymes made by the gut microbes. The complex system thus works in breaking down certain nutrients that otherwise the body cannot digest.