Five ways to prevent car mishaps


Updated Trends: Car accidents are common and have claimed several lives of people in the recent years. The reason behind these accidents is not that one does not know how to drive properly, but most of the times its just that the car owners often fail to take  basic precautions before they take over the driver’s seat.


1. Do not be in a rush – Most car accidents are caused by drivers who are in rush. Make sure that you be on time and leave the house early, instead of rushing out of the house and thereby endangering another person’s life – besides yourself.

2. Keep you car maintained – Make sure that you keep checking the car. Always check the air in the tyres, brakes and other important things like the horn and rear view mirrors, as well as any engine-related problem.

3. Maintain speed limit – Do not be a speed maniac and try to be within the speed limit. Crossing the speed limits can be dangerous and reduce your chances of braking in time; so its is always safe to be on the safer side.

4. Pay Attention – Do not use you mobile phones while driving. Pay attention on the road and traffic while you are driving, because even the slightest distraction can be fatal for the driver.

5. Keep both hands on the wheel – Make sure that you have both the hands on the wheel while you are driving. Keeping both the hands will help in balancing on the road, and try and avoid eating or changing tracks on your car stereo since it is a dangerous thing to do.