Pregnant women should not to eat for two, says new study


Updated Trends: Researchers at the Bristol University have said that pregnant women should not eat more than their daily food requirement. The study has revealed that by eating more than the usual food amount,  pregnant women put themselves and their unborn baby inside in trouble.


According to the study, researchers have warned that pregnant women who overeat may tend to become obese. Obesity may in turn cause various ailments like high blood pressure and the obesity of the child in the future.

The health service guidelines have stated that pregnant women should not eat for two and it is recommended that only 1,940 calories per day must be consumed on a regular basis. And during the last three months of pregnancy, 200 extra calories should be consumed.

The recent study has also found that people who gained more weight or exceeded the recommended calories, had become apple shaped in 16 years. The Body Mass Index of 3,877 mothers were calculated during their pregnancy and also after 16 years. The main author of the study Dr. Abigail Fraser said that it is essential to have regular monitoring on weight, which may help in avoiding many aliments in future. The author added that one does not have to eat for two, as this would also lead to the obesity of the child later in life.