Dinner party desserts that will keep everyone smiling


    Updated Trends: One often ends up in a dilemma, when there is that big responsibility of hosting a party at home. When its comes to serving some dessert for the guests, its becomes hard to think over what to serve especially when you have to worry about the main course and starters. Here are some swell ideas of dinner party desserts which are convenient and will never go out of style.

    Icecream cone cupcakes

    1. Ice cream cone cupcakes – Ice cream cone cupcakes are the best option to be served at birthday parties and are also easy to make. In case of birthday parties, one can sprinkle some coco powder or some attractive confectioneries, which will surely brighten the mood at the party.

    2. Carved water melon – If the number of guests at the party are many, one can just cut open a water melon and give it a different shape and fill it with fruit salad that can serve the large number of guests.


    3. Chocolate fondue – Prepare a chocolate fountain or just a bowl of hot and thick chocolate. You can provide a variety of things to dip in the chocolate like, seasonal fruits, marshmallows, cookies and even popcorn.

    4. Ice cream sundae bar – An ice cream sundae bar is also one of the best options for dessert. One can even provide a variety of toppings like whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles and candies.

    5. Pudding cups – Pudding cups is another recipe that can be made easily for a huge crowd. Add jelly or crushed cookies as a topping, to give the party some more colour.