Five reasons you should include sprouts in your diet


    Updated Trends: Consuming sprouts happens to be one of the best ways to stay healthy. The benefits of sprouts are not new and have been followed for ages. They are the best source of all the essential minerals, and are also fat-free and a very healthy option for a snack. If you don’t eat sprouts, then here are the five reasons one should include sprouts and soaked grains in the diet.


    1. Good for bones – Adding sprouts to the daily diet helps in the development of the bones. Its also helps in the proper absorption of the minerals and doctors recommend sprouts to be included in your daily diet, since it helps in preventing diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis.

    2. Activates phytase – If one allows the grains to sprout, the phytase of the grain is then activated. Phytase is an enzyme that helps in neutralizing phytic acid and cuts the phosphorus.

    3. Reduces tooth decay – Tooth development also needs certain minerals. According to a recent study, people who follow a diet with a high content of Phytase are less likely to have tooth decay. Dentists have said that improperly prepared grains are the culprits to the tooth decay.

    4. Good for health – Eating sprouts have benefited many people. One can only gain health by consuming some amount of naturally sprouted grains. It also contains some amount of Vitamins B &C, as well as vegetable proteins, and are also low in calories.

    5. Helps in digestive problems – Consumption of sprouts also help in tackling digestive problems. Sprouts are rich in fiber and minimizes the chances of constipation.