Most coveted jobs in the world


    Updated Trends: There are many jobs in the world that people long to get a place in. These jobs are mainly those which do not need much effort or are the jobs which others would envy. Most of the people in the world think that they wished that they had better jobs than sitting around in their desk all day or taking calls. Here are the five best jobs in the world that one would not mind doing.

    Ice cream taster

    1. Ice cream taster – What can be a better job than an ice cream taster in an ice cream factory? The actual job may be difficult, but the very thought itself will make you feel that you my never mind being an ice cream taster and worry about which ice cream flavour works.

    2. A judge on a reality show – Reality show judges are mostly celebrities and get paid in terms that they do not have to earn again here after. One cannot imagine a better job than sitting on a chair and criticizing the contestants.

    3. Mattress tester – A mattress tester gets paid to have a nap. While most of the people in their jobs long to take a short nap, the mattress tester has to judge how comfy a mattress it. What a job!

    4. Food taster on a TV show – Look at all those people who go around and taste the best cuisines in the world and get paid for it. For all the foodies, it may be like a dream job. It’s all about eating, reviewing and sometimes cooking up your personal delights!

    5. Super model – A super model hardly has to do any work than, posing for photographs or just walking down the ramp and get paid for it. Although it is known to be a challenge, it can be a piece of cake if you are a pretty face.