Things not to be shared on a social network


    Updated Trends: The usage of social networks have increased drastically especially with big sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn among others. People tend to share their every minute detail to keep their friends updated right from the food they are eating, the places they are at and even their feelings about people. Not many are aware that there are certain limitations that one has to follow for the sake of safety and to avoid being stalked or looked down in society . Here are the top five things that one should not share on any social network.


    1. If you have broken up – On the social network, it is immature to share details that you had a fight or have broken up with some one. You do not have to disclose every minor argument to your friends or else you will look like someone who just wants attention.

    2. You are not at home – Do not ever disclose details, when you are leaving on a vacation or even if you are going on a day’s trip. Though you trust your friends, you do not have to disclose that your house is going to be empty for these many days else this could be an open invite to thieves and hooligans who unknowingly stalk people, especially if their privacy is not protected on their public profile.

    3. Personal details – Do not indulge in disclosing personal details like a stomach infection or the first step that your baby took. It is better not to share such details on social network, but instead telling your friends/family in person or over the phone is a welcomed option.

    4. Every minute details – Unnecessary details of the daily routine is a strict ‘no no’. No one is interested when you are getting dressed or when you are leaving for office or what you are eating. The only people interested would be people who are spying on you.

    5. Dark secrets – If you are a mischief monger, then do not indulge in confessions on the social network. You might get caught. Even innocent pranks or practical jokes could become evidence for lawsuits against you by unhappy friends.