Keep pigeons off the roof in 5 easy ways


    Updated Trends: Not many people are aware that pigeons carry fleas, ticks and even mites and are the cause of stench and disease in many areas, They can make your porch dirty by their droppings and can even take the paint off the car with their claws, and in most cases – their poop. For those who are tired of pigeons taking undue advantage of residing and defiling your roof, here are  five easy ways to keep them away.


    1. Chemical bird repellent – If you are already tired of pigeons on your roof, you can apply a reputed chemical bird repellent. The chemical does not harm the birds in any way, but gives them some sort of unpleasant reaction, which will help in keeping those  pigeons away.

    2. Scarecrow – Sounds old fashioned? Think again. One can make a scare crow which looks like an owl, and you don’t have to make a human-type scarecrow with hat on straws. That would probably work in the fields, but rarely on rooftops.

    3. Chicken wire – You can even place chicken wire in areas where the pigeons are prone to wander. Small cubby type areas can also be made to detract the pigeons

    Spikes on roof

    4. Spikes – One can install spikes of metal on the roof, window sills or peak of the roofs – basically places where the pigeons frequently perch. The metal spikes make it difficult to land and will force them to relax elsewhere.

    5. Call a professional – If all the methods fail, then a method that can never fail is to calling a professional who is used to ‘getting the job done’.

    Make sure that your roof has no cozy and shady areas for the pigeons to make merry, and also see to it that you discuss the issue with your neighbors to ensure that no one feeds the pigeons and thereby tackle the menace effectively.