Important ways to prevent eye infections


    Updated Trends: Eye infections may not sound bad, but the people who go through it, very well known about the pain. In this world of pollution and dust, a person becomes very prone to an eye infection at just about any time of the year. However, eye infections can be avoided if certain precautions are taken.


    1. Keep hands clean – Develop a habit of washing your hands frequently. If you are worried of losing the moisture in your hands, keep a hand cream always in your bag.

    2. Avoid eye make up – Not many are aware that the eye make up too can develop eye infection. Avoid using eye liners or mascaras for a long period of time, and also see to it that your eye-makeup is changed every few months.

    3. Use eye toners – In case of the slightest symptom of eye infection, ask your chemist or doctor to suggest good eye drops or an eye toner, which will prevent the infection from spreading further.

    4. Clean contact lenses – People who use contact lenses must take special precautions when it comes to eye care. Contact lenses must be cleaned thoroughly at all times. Maintaining the cleanliness of the contact lenses will keep you away from eye infections, so invest in a good contact lenses cleaner.

    5. Avoid rubbing eyes – In case your eyes are itching, do not indulge in rubbing of the eyes. Rubbing of the eyes spread the germs and increases the infection of the eye and may also cause a sty. Wash your eyes with clean water and dab the eye area dry. Do not try to remove matter with your hands either. Wash it off with water instead,