Crossed hands help in relieving pain, reveals study


Updated Trends: In an unusual finding, researchers have said that crossing your hands relieves a person of pain and serves as a convenient way of dealing with pain. The study has said that the act of crossing hands distracts the brain of administering any kind of pain to the body.


It is normally noticed that the brain is used in such a way that your left hand carries out out tasks on the left side and the right hand to carry out task to the right side. But when the hands are crossed, the brain is believed to be confused, which gives some relief from the pain.

The researchers have stated that the theory applied to the pain experienced in the hands, as a test on the other parts of the body have not yet been carried out. Dr. Giandomenico Lannetti, the lead author of the study has said that when a person gets hurt, apart from rubbing the painful area, one should also cross hands, so as to relieve the person from the pain.

The researchers had tested this out on eight participants, who were administered pain with the help of a laser to develop a pain of a four millisecond pin prick. The pain was repeated with crossed arms. The results of the test had shown that the pain was less severe, when the arms were kept crossed.

So the next time you experience some hand pain, it’s alright if your hands get crossed!