Are the children of today becoming weaker?


Updated Trends: Gone are the days when children used to be involved in more of physical activities and used come home as if they had just returned from war. With the improvement in the technology, the options for entertainment of children have increased, but it has also seen a drastic decline in the amount of physical activity needed in childhood.


This has made children weaker, compared to the children 10 years back. Research has found that the strength of the children aged 10 in the year 1998, was more compared to the group of children in the year 2008.

Children in the year 2008 had poor performance in the hand grip test, which tests the strength of the upper body of the child. The results of the children in 1998 were better than the children in the year 2008.

The researchers in the UK have said that they have noticed a decline in strength of the children. Children these days are hardly involved in physical activities like climbing trees or other activities and prefer to engage themselves in computer games or television. However, the researchers have also added that the current study cannot be fully relied on and that it can only be termed as a preliminary study. The researchers from the Metropolitan University and The University of Essex had carried out the research.