5 reasons to by an LCD monitor


Updated Trends: The technology keeps upgrading itself everyday. It is equally essential to keep upgrading your systems at home and offices. Gone are the days when, the CRT (cathode ray tubes) monitors used to dominate the markets.


The consumers are slowly moving towards upgrading  to devices which are much more convenient and also look presentable in the offices. Here are the reasons one must seriously think over upgrading to an LCD monitor for their desk top PCs.

1. Space consumptions – The old bulky monitors tend to occupy a lot of space and are also heavy on weight. While an LCD monitor gives a lot of desk space.

2. Cheaper – Gone are the days when the LCD monitors used to be heavy on budget. The costs of the LCD monitors have come down drastically and can be easily afforded.

3. Improved quality – There was a time, when the LCD displays used to take some time to refresh. The LCD monitors these days are much better in quality and are much faster too.

4. Out dated CRTs – The new models of the computers, which are manufactured now days do not support the older CRT monitors. With the increasing trend, the CRT monitors may soon become extinct.

5. Increasing screen sizes – It is now common to have LCD monitors of 22 to 27 inches. There was a time when 19 inch monitors were considered as luxury.