Avoid wrinkles on your skin in 5 easy ways


    Updated Trends: Wrinkles are the scariest thing that can happen for a person, who is not yet reached the age of getting wrinkles. Nowadays when women have become career-oriented and ambitious, one completely forgets skin care which results in wrinkles on the face. However, it is not so difficult to prevent untimely wrinkles. Just a few simple precautions and steps can make your skin wrinkle free.


    1. Avoid smoking – It would be better to say that one must quit smoking. Wrinkles are caused when the skin dries up and a person who smokes is more vulnerable to wrinkles.

    2. Sleep on your back – Sleeping on your back helps to maintain the blood circulation. Moreover, it is also advised to sleep for at least seven hours in the night.

    3. Use sunscreen – One must have the habit of using sunscreen lotion even when it is cloudy. The UV rays of the sun are the major culprits for causing wrinkles on the skin.

    4. Healthy eating habits – A healthy diet must contain fresh fruits vegetables, which are high on protein and vitamin C. Also make sure to have a diet, which is rich in anti-oxidants.

    5. Water – It is very essential to keep your skin hydrated especially in the summer. One must drink a glass of water at least every hour to keep your body hydrated and healthy.