Most convenient kitchen gadgets for every family


Updated Trends: A kitchen is a place where the time is mostly consumed in the preparations for making a meal. The preparations involved in cutting vegetables, grinding spices, mixing ingredients and the list is never ending. However, a few useful and easy to use kitchen gadgets can make the whole painful process of cooking food, a fun encounter. We have the top five kitchen gadgets which are a must have in every kitchen.


1. Hand held citrus juicer – Though the citrus juicer has been in working since several years, the gadget is useful these days as the time taken in squeezing the juice can be reduced. The juicer can be best utilized to take out seed free lemon juice for salad dressings and lemonade.

2. Instant read thermometer – A thermometer is not much needed in a kitchen, but the gadget can be used for more professional purposes. It is perfect in gauging the temperature of foods

3. Food processor – A food processor is every house wife’s favorite gadget. The gadget has the capacity to do several jobs like chopping, shredding, grating and even kneading dough can be done by the food processor.

4. Mortar and Pestle – When all the kitchen gadgets fail, when there is no electricity, the mortar and pestle is the life saver in times of emergencies, to get some fresh pepper or to grind some ginger garlic paste.

5. Mandoline – The Mandoline is another kitchen utensil, which does not depend on electricity. The most difficult jobs like slicing, grating and cutting can be done with the help of the gadget.