Top 5 smartest dog breeds in the world


    Updated Trends: Dogs are known to be man’s best friends. They are also known for their faithfulness towards their masters and their obedient attitude. No one can ever replace the company and unconditional love of a pet dog, during times, when one feels low or sad. For all those who need to get a pet dog and are confused on which dog breed to choose, here are the top five smartest dog breeds.

    1. Poodles – A Poodle is considered as the second smartest or the most intelligent dog breed. The dog is known for its qualities like obedience, agility, tracking and herding.

    2. Border Collies – Border Collies are dog breeds developed in the Anglo Scottish border for herding live stocks. The dogs look after the sheep, so that they do not leave the flock. They are ideal “sheep dogs” and are known to be able to learn many tricks.

    3. Golden Retrievers – In history, such dog breeds were developed as gundogs to retrieve the birds and ducks from the water, which are shot during hunting. The breed is known for its swimming skills and is mostly found in varieties of gold shades. They are also known to be guide dogs for disabled people, besides being an ideal companion.

    4. German Shepherd – The German Shepherd had originated from Germany and is known for guarding sheep. In due course of time the dog’s skills were recognized and are now used in obedience training and can be also found in various police forces. This dog is known to be a one-man dog and will be forever loyal to it’s master.

    5. Doberman Pinscher – The Doberman is the most common type of dog breed. They are known for their intelligence, alertness and loyalty and can be great guard dogs.