Top 5 car brands with the highest resale value in India


Updated Trends: In today’s fast-paced world, cars these days have become more of a necessity than luxury. One has to be careful while choosing a car according to his needs. There is a car available for all pockets. But the trick is to purchase the best one, which will also fetch a good resale value. Here are the top five car brands with the best resale value.


1. Maruti Suzuki – Maruti Suzuki is the largest car manufacturer in India. The company is known for producing the best cars in terms of giving the consumers the best value for their money including the Maruti Swift.

2. Tata Motors – Tata Motors has always received competition from Maritu Suzuki in terms of the car prices and models. The company became the first car manufacturer in India to produce the cheapest car Tata Nano for the middle class consumers.

3. Hyundai Motors – In 2008, the company had received an award for offering the best resale value for cars. The most recent additions, i10 and the i20 have made a significant mark in the market due to its outstanding performance.

Check the latest features of the new variant for i20 by Hyundai Motors,India here.

4. Toyota – Toyota is known for making cars of solid structure and its ‘Indian road friendly’ feature. The company is gradually gaining recognition in the Indian market. Some of the top Toyota models include Corolla, and Camry.

5. Honda Motors – The car brand is known for its reliability and dependability. Honda is also known for its innovative car features to remain in the competition in the market.  It is famous for it’s Honda Civic and Honda City in India.