5 most popular web browsers in the world


Updated Trends: A Web browser is the most basic and essential software for desktops, laptops, tablets and palmtops. Once a person gets accustomed to a browser, the user never gets exhausted and will want the same browser again and again. The user will only accept a new one in case if the current browser is upgraded. With so many new browsers  on the world wide web, and with security concerns looming large, which are the top five most popular web browsers?


1. Internet Explorer – The Internet Explorer is the most commonly used browser available for the Windows users. The browser is by default available with every package of Windows. There have been concerns over malware issues, but Microsoft has cleared them all in the newest versions of it’s IE browser.

2. Fire Fox – The Fire Fox Mozilla has its own set of users. The browser is the second most widely used browser in the world. The latest Fire Fox has features like tab browsing, spell checking and download manager.

3. Opera – The web browser is developed by Opera Software. Opera does not come along with any of the desktop operating systems but still is among the popular web browsers among the users.

4. Safari – Safari is a web browser designed by Apple. The browser is known for the Nitro JavaScript engine, which enables faster JavaScript execution.

5. Chrome – To top the list is Chrome, which is the favorite among the users in the world. The browser is developed by the search engine giant Google and is known for it’s easy no-hassle navigation and simplicity.