3 reasons to choose a laptop over a desktop computer


Updated Trends: Gone are the days when the desktop computer was the only way to get your work done and surf the net. As technology advances, the world has been introduced to more compact versions of the desktop PC like the laptop, netbook, tablet among others. So you have to buy a PC at home, but can’t decide if you want to go for the traditional desktop or the portable laptop? When one opts to buy a computer these days, three major reasons should be kept in mind. A laptop can always be preferable over a desktop PC, for we shall let you know why.


Size: A laptop is a smaller than a desktop PC and this is the sole reason it is the best device when it comes to space management. For people who have issues in space management, the laptop is always the best choice, and at the same time, the device is extremely portable and has almost the exact features as the desktop be it CD player, speakers, keyboard, touchpad and several ports to plug in other devices. This makes it an ideal gadget to travel with.

Weight: One cannot move around with a desktop in their arms, but yes they can move around with a laptop. It is lightweight and easy to handle, one can put the device inside a bag and travel wherever you want. Sony has come out with some super light laptops and even Acer, Samsung have such features.

Energy Saving: Everybody knows that laptops run on cells and they consume very less energy to charge and hence this device plays a huge role as a power saver. Some notebooks today have a battery backup of almost 8 hours and this is just incredible. If you are searching for such laptops check out Samsung, Toshiba, Dell.

These are just a few reasons why one should go for a laptop rather than to opt for a desktop PC. Eventually we can see that the sales of the desktop computers are relatively going down in the market compared to laptops and netbooks. A newer technological trend that can be observed in the market is the advent of the Tablet PC. Give it some time, and we are bound to see it as a direct rival to the laptop.