Five best modern fighter jets in the world


Updated Trends: In the spite of aerial warfare, fighter jets have played the most important role and they are consistently being developed by all the major countries around the world. These aerial warfare machines are beautiful, powerful and lethal,  and if you are not too sure what we’re talking about, then we have the five best modern fighter jets in the world today.


5) F/A 18 Super Hornet – It has been the pride of the US Navy, and it has proved itself in the Middle East wars. Agile, reliable and manufactured in huge numbers, this fighter is one of the best the navies can ever have.

4) Sukhoi 30 or SU-30: Brute Russian DNA, known for its beauty and lethality, this bird will rip anything flying in the air. Most air forces around the world fear to come face to face against a Sukhoi, because it is just unpredictable. The West has always condemned it, but its performance says it all.

3) Lockheed Martin F-22: The first and only operational stealth fighter in the world is known to hide away from the enemy radar, which makes it an unbelievable machine. Sadly as it has been pulled out of the production line and due to its cost this bird stays on number three.

2) F-35: The second stealth fighter from the US, and its a technological marvel. Not yet brought into service but it is surely a tough machine to deal with. Its cost to develop and maintain are raising questions in the US, to go ahead with this project or not.

1) Sukhoi T-50 or PAK-FA: It was quite obvious, the Russian planes have always stolen the show, Sukhoi T-50 or the PAK-FA is just one of them. First stealth fighter by the Russians and will be developed jointly by India in the future. Beautiful, lethal, dangerous and quick, a real technological marvel Made in Russia.