Five largest ships ever built


    Updated Trends: Man has mastered himself in constructing and creating engineering marvels and one such wonder to have an awe on are the ships. They can be sized from small rafts to massive aircraft carriers to gigantic oil tankers, they are man made marvels. Here we have the five largest ships ever built by man.

    knock nevis

    5) USS Enterprise: It is the largest warship ever built in the history of mankind, for this behemoth is almost 340 meters long and weighs over 101,000 tonnes. It can carry 85 aircraft on board and consists of 5700 crew members. In short it is mini city floating in the ocean.

    4) The Berge Stahl: The largest bulk carrier ever constructed, this iron giant weighs a 175,000 tonnes and with its loaded weight it can pull itself weighing 364,000 tonnes. The total length of this ship is 342 meters, two meters longer than the USS Enterprise.

    3) Oasis Of The Seas: This is the right ship which can be entitled as a city in the sea, Oasis of the Seas is the largest cruise ship currently in the world. At 360 meters in length and 225,282 gross tonnage, this is a massive ship to admire.

    2) Emma Maersk: The Emma Maersk is the largest container ship on the planet, and it can ferry 11,000 containers in one trip. There are nine such ships existing in the world and they are exactly 397 meters long and it can ferry 156,907 dread weight tonnage across the seas.

    1) Knock Nevis: It was the largest ship or an oil tanker to have ever been built by human hands. The titan was 458 metres long, almost half a kilometre, and had a GWT of 564,763. Sadly this ship is no longer in service and has been successfully scrapped away in India.