Top 5 watch makers in the world


    Updated Trends: Watches have now become a piece of luxury which reflects a person’s quality and standard. This is an important asset today, not to mention its ability to bring an impression to another person. Watches range from a couple of hundred dollars to millions of dollars in the market, each watch has its own style factor and it is considered to be a style statement and an indicator of a person’s personality!
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    Here are the top 5 watch makers in the world –

    5) Timex – Timex is present almost everywhere around the world and it is well known for its slogan “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking”. Timex watch are known to be rugged and long lasting and have a pretty strong customer base.

    4) Oris – This Swiss watchmaker is a unique company and it manufactures mechanical watches around the world. It is the only company which has been producing mechanical devices since a long time.

    3) TAG Heuer – A popular watch brand in Europe, it is well known to manufacture expensive sports watches. Along with watches it also manufactures other luxury goods in Europe and also various countries around the world.

    2) Omega – This Swiss watch company stands out of the crowd because of its unique design and style. It is expensive, but quality and standard have not been hampered.

    1) Rolex – Every person in the world who wears a watch is familiar with the name – Rolex. The word itself signifies royalty and luxury, it is expensive though and the company manufactures very few number of devices around the world.