Tsunami warning in place after 7.2 magnitude Japan earthquake


Updated Trends: The Asian country of Japan woke up to a massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday morning at 11:45 a.m. local time . The quake struck the coast of northeastern Japan and according to the Japanese news agencies, a tsunami warning of up to 50 cm has been issued.


Japan is not new to earthquakes as the nation happens to be one of the most seismically active regions in the world. This is mainly because Japan is situated on the volcanic zone on the Pacific Ring of Fire, which makes the nation prone to earthquakes.

Early reports say that the quake struck 267 miles northeast of the capital Tokyo, and could be around 6.8 miles deep. Our reporter in Tokyo also confirmed that the quake was felt in the capital for a few minutes, but it is too early to say anything about the quake. As a precautionary measure, a tsunami warning has been issued, and locals are requested to stay far of f the northern coast.

There were also no reports of injuries or damage yet, but the Japanese authorities are currently looking into the after effects of the massive quake.