Israel’s Defence Minister Ehud Barak Quits Labour Party


Updated Trends: Israel’s current defence minister, Ehud Barak has officially quit the Labour Party and has decided to form his own function from here on. Along with Barak, four other Labour ministers too have called in the quit and are moving with Barak’s ways. The reason for this break up is still unclear, but the formation of a different function has been confirmed.


On the other hand Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has rather had no effect of this, as they still enjoy the majority reign in power of the country. Mr. Ehud Barak, who had served as the Prime Minister of Israel from 1999-01 has separated from Benjamin Netanyahu’s government coalition, along with four Parliamentarians of the 13 in Netanyahu’s charge.

Even though Ehud separates, the faction of the Defence Minister still remains with Netenyahu’s government. Even as the party was formed in 1948, there have been regular tensions within the body for years. Netenyahu’s government is handling the Middle East peace process completely. As Ehud leaves the party, he still appreciates Netenyahu, by saying that he is genuine about the peace process in the Middle East.

Source: BBC