Gabrielle Giffords Not Critical, Has Been Upgraded To Serious Condition


Updated Trends: US Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords is reported as not critical and has been upgraded to serious condition. She has been taken out of the ventilator and a breathing tube has been inserted down her throat. Doctors say that Gabrielle is showing good signs and has started to breathe on her own, all the test conducted on her have gone through successfully.

Congress 8th District

She was breathing on her own since days, but she was put on the ventilator only to be on a safeguard. No more updates will be provided in context to the congresswoman, except the new conference at 11.00 am on Monday.

Gabrielle has also been fitted with a breathing tube, something which has been seen with patients with head injury or in the intensive care. The shooting that took place in Tucson has left six people dead and fourteen injured, which included the congresswoman, as she is the only person to be the most serious of all who have been hospitalized. Doctors have affirmed that she is following commands as moving fingers and toes, which is a really good sign.

Source: Reuters